At the point when clients sign into Windows 7 today, they ought not be astounded on the off chance that they see a full-screen ready revealing to them that the working framework is never again upheld, they are helpless against infections, and that they should move up to Windows 10 to fix these issues.

Recently, January fourteenth, 2020, Windows 7 authoritatively arrived at the finish of life, which implies it will never again be upheld, get free security updates, and bug fixes.

As a method for alerts clients and advancing Windows 10 simultaneously, Microsoft introduced a program called EOSNotify in the December Windows 7 KB4530734 Monthly Rollup

From that point forward, each time a Windows 7 client signed into their PC and around early afternoon consistently, a booked undertaking was begun that propelled the %windir%\system32\EOSNotify.exe program.

When the date arrived at January fifteenth, 2020, rather than lying lethargic and not showing anything, the program started to show full-screen cautions that spread your whole screen, including the work area, on all Windows 7 machines far and wide. What you see underneath, is all you will see on your screen when the alarm is shown as it covers the whole screen.

Windows 7 End of Life alert

For clients who don’t have the opportunity to understand it, they can tap on the “Remind me later” catch to close the caution and have it be indicated again sometime in the not too distant future.

On the off chance that clients never need to see this caution again, they can tap on the ‘Don’t remind me again’ button.

For clients who have not been demonstrated this caution yet, they can design the accompanying library key to keep it from consistently being shown in any case.

For the individuals who need progressively specialized data about how this alarm functions, you can peruse our unique providing details regarding the EOSNotify application.

While a large portion of us who generally use PCs definitely realized that Windows 7 is never again bolstered, many have no clue.

As irritating and meddlesome as this alarm seems to be, it bodes well to show it to tell everybody that their framework will never again be enough ensured.

This enables them to settle on a good choice concerning whether they need to move up to Windows 10, which should in any case be possible for nothing, change to a Mac, or even check out Linux and its Windows 7 topic.

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