An extreme WhatsApp Messaging Solutions with a wide Collection of Option and administrations give clients greater adaptability to send and oversee WhatsApp Campaign.


  • Multi-Account(Multi-Channel)
  • MultiFile Sending
  • Import Multiple Contacts
  • Better Handling
  • Multi-language
  • Multi Themes
  • Group Poster
  • Turbo Mode
  • Complete solution
  • Smooth way of sending
  • Full Source Code
  • Multi-Accounts
  • Sending Unlimited Messages
  • Send Multi-multimedia message(Photos, Videos, Documents)
  • Whatsapp Numbers Generator
  • Whatsapp Numbers Filters(Support Multi-Accounts)
  • Whatsapp Groups Contacts Grabber (Get Whatsapp contacts from groups)
  • Anti Block Module
  • Multi text message (reduce the chance of blocking)
  • Advanced Internal dialogs (reduce the chance of blocking)
  • Sleep Control after X amounts of messages
  • Connection Speed control
  • delay Between message
  • Sending Customized Message

Whatsapp by Facebook is free, accessible in 53 languages, as of now utilized by 109 nations, and over 70% Whatsapp by Facebook clients use it every day.

Yep. WhatsApp, the SMS-based platform, has more users than Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest combined. They passed the one billion user mark this year, reaching every corner of the world (except Antarctica, but c’mon).

Not only that, but it’s kicking the ever-living life out of email. Email marketing is crucial, but think about this for a second: What’s your highest open rate? 35%? 40%?

Yeah. The average SMS text has a 98% open rate. That makes WhatsApp the most engaging marketing channel on the planet.

We’re talking about a platform that is literally taking the world by storm. A high-reach, high-engagement platform that hit 450 million monthly active users faster than any company in existence.

But I guarantee only the tiniest fraction of you actually uses WhatsApp. That’s because there just hasn’t been a way for marketers to correctly use WhatsApp.

There’s no advertising on WhatsApp. In fact, this is how they feel about advertisers:

Needless to say, they aren’t fans. This a free service that is intentionally designed to keep marketers out.

Well…until now, that is. Call me the WhatsApp Trojan Horse.

  • You can’t track your success on a nice dashboard.
  • You can’t boost your message by throwing dollars behind it
  • You can’t search for groups to automatically join and promote your stuff.

But you do have the chance to win early on a highly underutilized platform. You can build a massive following and drive consistent, engaged traffic to your site.

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